Project Management

You wish to make your project a success? This seminar provides professional tools that are used worldwide for organisation and communication in project management. :Organize and succeed with professional tools and attitude.

Do I need a work breakdown structure plan? What is a stakeholder analysis good for? What roles do minutes and memos play? Why putting effort in documenting the project? How is a budget created and controlled, how the cash-flow ensured? These questions and many more will be answered on a very practical basis.

  • The first block seminar revolves around planning processes.
  • The second block addresses issues such as controlling (especially related to the financial side) and reporting structures.
  • The third part of the seminar deals with the ‚human factor‘: crucial factors like efficient communication, failure-culture and negotiation.

On completing the seminar, participants will have a good knowledge of structures & tools in professional project management.

A course suitable for students of all faculties.

This course is also available in German.